The file format and extension of an excel file created by a python program do not match each other

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Web/App Development | 2 comments

The excel is giving the error given in the image link [](

The excel file is just created by the python program or code so it cannot be corrupted its the file format and extension that do not match each other. What to do with this??


  1. turkeylegend3

    It would be really helpful to know how you created the file. You can write anything to a file and give it an xlsx extension but that doesn’t guarantee that Excel will be able to read it.

  2. norweeg

    what did you use to write the excel file?? if you are using pandas with an ExcelWriter object, make sure you are using it as a context manager so that the file is closed/saved after you’re done writing to it.


    with ExcelWriter(“BookBank.xlsx”) as excel_file:
    book_bank_data_1.to_excel(excel_file, “bank 1”)
    book_bank_data_2.to_excel(excel_file, “bank 2”)


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