Story telling with Matplotlib

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People always say that Matpotlib doesn’t have that **oomph!**

The thing is, it is a bare-bones visualization library which honestly provides you like a blank canvas to draw anything on it.

Check out [this article]( on Datachef. It discusses 10 common plots used by Data Analysts and Management to visualize some real life use cases.

The various use cases discussed are:-

1. [Line Chart]( – How has the news paradigm in India shifted over the last 10 years?
2. [Stacked Area Chart]( – What is the total sales generated by an MNC across all its market during last year?
3. [Bar Chart]( – What is the YoY(Year-on-Year) monthly sales comparison for a company?
4. [Pie Chart]( – What was the approval % of a bill introduced in the winter session of Parliament?
5. [Scatter Plot ]( – How does the rent of a house vary with the house size?
6. [Bubble chart]( – How deadly(fatality rate) and widespread(number of fatalities) is a particular disease?
7. [Candlestick]( – How has Nifty 50 performed on the National Stock Exchange in the month of October?
8. [Timeseries]( – What is the distribution of “Close” value of Nifty 50 for the last 1 year?
9. [Histograms]( – What is the gender-wise distribution of students’ height in a school?
10. [Heatmap]( – What is the Monthly Recurring Revenue(MRR) retention of a company?


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