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How to correct the error in the code on “[](” given below:


Traceback (most recent call last):
File “D:/Python/Book Bank/New folder/PyCharm/Final/”, line 132, in <module>
“bold”, 10), bg=”white”, command=AddBook())
File “D:/Python/Book Bank/New folder/PyCharm/Final/”, line 108, in AddBook
“bold”, 10), bg=”white”, command=SaveBook(top))
File “D:/Python/Book Bank/New folder/PyCharm/Final/”, line 25, in SaveBook
f.write(str(book[0]) + ‘,’ + book[1] + ‘,’ + book[2] + ‘,’ + str(book[3]) + ‘,’ + str(book[4]) + ‘,’ + str(book[5]) + ‘,’ + book[6] + ‘,’ + str(book[7]) + ‘,’ + str(book[8]) + ‘,’ + ‘n’)
File “C:UsersDani”, line 1489, in cget
return, ‘cget’, ‘-‘ + key)
TypeError: can only concatenate str (not “int”) to str


What to write in place of “top” in the SaveBook(top) in the AddBook()’s bname which is in the last just before bview to make the code do its functioning??

How to add the “Home > Sort & filter” function in all the headings of “BookBank.csv” by default that is whenever excel is opened filters are by themselves applied on all the headings of the excel spreadsheet.

I want to use GetRecord to display the data in the excel spreadsheet. How to display?

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  1. Salty_Builder_8401

    I suppose one of the book[n] not in str() is actually an integer and not a string


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