All freelancers with ANY skills welcome

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Web/App Development | 2 comments

Hello! We are a team of freelancers running a Discord server with several other highly skilled individuals in various skills.

You can join this discord server if you’re HIGHLY skilled and experienced in either of the following areas:
– Back-end web development
– Front-end web development
– Full-stack development
– Figma prototype, app designer/developer
– Graphic designer
– Writer
– Project Manager
– Video editor
– Programmer in general including but not limited to web scraping, bot making, hosting sites on servers, browser extensions, etc.
– Highly skilled in any other coding/programming language etc.
– Any skill at all! Which can be monetised in freelance.

This server is a place for many freelancers to collaborate in personal projects, or take-up offers posted by admins as a team, etc. We would like this to be a great home & community for freelancers, with plans to expand and make more opportunities available for freelancers! If you’re interested in any way at all, consider joining this discord server and start/grow your freelance journey with us

Even if you’re starting out at freelancing, but have the capable skills and mindset to learn and grow, this server can be very helpful for you to interact with other seasoned freelancers and see what kind of requirements are posted in the grp.

Budget: anywhere between 20$ to $100+ (depending on the offer)

The goal with this community is simple, we want buyers to come to us. The larger we grow, we will build demand and no one will have to use these freelance platforms which abuse their sellers and take chunks of fees out of their hard earned work…

You joining us, is supporting our movement in making freelance better and more accessible by the average joe with amazing skills! We have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this movement!


  1. HobblingCobbler

    The title makes it sound like it’s for anyone and the the post says. Nah. Lol

  2. mehdichrist

    Can I join If I’m about to start my freelancing journey? I’m comfortable wkth python basics and some libraries :p


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