Develop a professional website 101

Develop a professional website 101


1. Get a domain name

The domain name you decide should reflect the nature of your services or product so that your clients can see your business through a search engine.
The domain name can as well be used for creating an official email address. You may resolve for a free email address such as Gmail, by sending an email to a client from a business address such as looks more professional.

2. Get a Hosting Plan

Get a trusted web hosting provider to have the domain in the digital space.
A Hosting Provider offers web hosting services(,,,, etc. ).
They can as well issue you with multiple email addresses based on their pricing plan, package, or bundle.
The price of web hosting depends on the size of the traffic your site will be pull from the internet or the size of your website.

3. Content creation

This is what attracts the client to your website, you will need to have a piece of prepared information about your business, something related to what your client will want to see, hear, or acquire.
Like businesses hire professionals to design their websites, you may as well consider hiring a professional content write to structure your content.
A well-structured content makes it easier for clients to find what they need making your business stand out. Having appropriate and fitting content and images will empower clients to recognize your services and products you offer, this will make them feel secured with buying from your business.
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